Pereira Neto | Macedo has been active in a number of high profile cases involving mergers, cartels and unilateral practices, obtaining very positive results from its clients with an innovative and strategic approach. The firm has been involved in some of the largest mergers recently cleared by CADE. Moreover, Pereira Neto | Macedo is known for being capable of achieving ground breaking negotiated solutions in complex cases involving both mergers and alleged anticompetitive practices. Finally, Pereira Neto | Macedo is one of the most active firms representing clients from network industries such as telecommunications and payment cards.

Antitrust cases are dealt by the Regulation and Competition Law department of the firm, due to the close relationship between competition and regulatory issues in Brazil. Pereira Neto | Macedo also has a full blown litigation department which is qualified to take any competition matter to courts, whenever it becomes necessary.

“The competition department at this firm continues to impress the market by being involved in some of the largest M&A notifications in the country, such as that linked to Braskem’s acquisition of Quattor or the merger of Oi with Brasil Telecom. The scope of its practice is expanding to include an increasing number of high-profile international cartel investigations and negotiations in the anticompetitive behaviour sphere. (...) Clients highlight the team’s “capacity for quickly making an in-depth analysis of the situation and determining the best strategic approach”.

Chambers and Partners Latin America, 2012.